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Theatre - studio Peremena at the palace of culture Bumazhnik of JSC Solikamskbumprom

«As a rule we admit children with hyperemotional activity and it is very important to direct ardent energy at creative good! But even more I’d like to help them perceive the fine WORLD of nature, learn not to harm to this beauty. Well and … acting, trying on destinies of protagonists in our performances to accommodate themselves while entering into the real life».

E.G. Pylskaya
Art director, producer

History of theatre of JSC Solikamskbumprom

First of all the theatre owes its birth to the exiled Germans who were banished here during the World War II. In March, 1947 they showed Solikamsk the staging of the play Break by B. Lavrenev, first in a city history. Just read the names in the playbill: scenic artist K. Klatt, costumier M. Yorikh, music by E. Shvarts, assistant director V. Libikh etc.

Through rises and falls the theatre troupe has been showing premieres for over sixty years already to the town where a professional theatre never existed before: Intrigue and love of F. Shiller, Snow Maiden of A. Ostrovsky, Dead souls of N. Gogol, Lefthander of N. Leskov, Romeo and Juliet of W. Shakespeare, Executioner's block of C. Aytmatov, Good luck, student of B. Okudzhava, The dawns are silent here of B. Vasilyev, House of F. Abramov, Two arrows of A. Volodin.

For high-class workmanship the theatre of Solikamsk – one of the first in Prikamye was conferred as a National Theatre in 1964. This honour was richly deserved first of all thanks to M. Pystin, V. Lyubimov, V. Zinovyeva, V. Libikh, M. Jorikh.

The theatre experienced its new birth in March 1972 with Evstoliya Pylskaya, graduate of the Chelyabinsk institute of culture. Her first staging Girl and April of T. Yan astounded the theatrical public in Solikamsk, surprised with scenography, melodiousness, new manner of actor's game.

Surge of young performers determined a new mode of work in the theatre. The collective changed to a studio rehearsal. In the schedule there are lessons of a vocal, plastic arts, fencing and history of theatre now.

Theatrical classes

The first experimental theatrical class was established in 1991 at school Nr.18 (head master S.N. Smirnova). All turned out very easily. Director of the National theatre Evstoliya Pylskaya called into the brand new school, looked at the pretty children from the first form, selected smart and cheerful boys and girls and the work at a new theatrical brain-child with the name Peremena has begun.

There were 20 lucky bargees. The cast changed time and again during ten years of study. People came and left. Not every little actor could endure that severe work. The days were strictly scheduled. Compulsory lessons conducted by E.N. Kozhanova changed into theatrical disciplines, viz the ABC of theatre, eurhythmics, vocal, motion and voice on the stage, world fiction, paintings. What subjects they have not studied here!

All studies came to the end by 16 o'clock. Not to faint away children enjoyed marvellous salads and fruit minutes arranged by the director.

In the evenings kids hastened to the first and the most exciting rehearsals. At first they played together with adults as they called the actors from the National theatre. These adults were tutors and teachers, the most true friends and assistants for children. The theatrical class appeared on the scene for the first time with their common performance The cat that walked by himself on R. Kipling's fairy tales. First they played crowd scenes and after it they started mastering true roles.

The premiere of The cat that walked by himself took place in February, 1994 and became a happy event for Peremena.

Festivals Events

After successful portrayal at festival in Perm the theatre received an invitation to the final festival of children's arts Russian Dawns in August, 1994 at the All-Russian children's camp Orlyonok.

In May, 1995 Peremena became the winner of the International children's festival in Tallinn (Estonia).

In August of the same year it received the main prize The bluebird of happiness at the Russian festival of children's theatres in Nizhni Novgorod.
And in 1996 the theatrical troupe became the leader of German festival in Stollberg (Germany) with its performance The cat that walked by himself. During the next 10 years the theatre has been the obligatory participant of all international projects of German theatre Buratino under the direction of Stephan Müller.

The next program performance of Peremena became The fairy tale of tsar Saltane of A.S. Pushkin.

At the festival of school theatres Russian drama in Moscow this performance awarded with Grand prix and got the invitation to the All-Russian children's camp Orlyonok once more, whence it was delegated to the 7th World Festival of children's theatres Let's fly (2006, Lingen, Germany).

Quotation from the magazine Vstrecha: This collective gives pleasure for mind and heart. The mind is touched since the director finds exact techniques of interpretation the poetic texts into the dramatic play. Children have a way with word, understand it. They can make the word of Pushkin effective. The heart is touched because the director and teacher in this theatre troupe knows how to remove the teenage angularity, has learned children how to control their body and voice. (Vladimir Vasilyevich Galkin, director, judge, June, 2002)

The theatre also took part in the VII World Festival of children's theatres in Lingen (Germany).

From a German newspaper: If you want to know what a really good theatre of young actors is, the theatre Peremena from Solikamsk in the Urals well met by the spectators of all countries of the world at the World children's theatre holiday is an outstanding example for this. Its great to watch such performances as the one of the Russian troupe. This performance, so fresh and wittily, full of life and joy and so professional at the same time affords great pleasure to the spectators.

Incredibly successful and happy was the trip to the III International festival of children's theatres in Turgi (Switzerland, June, 2003) where the troupe played its performance Kashtanka of P. Chekhov. At the end of the festival a children's theatre from Turgi (director Y. Doris) has offered Peremena a joint project Future of the world through the eyes of children. 20 happy days in the Alps have remained in hearts of Solikamsk children.

2005 and 2006 also produced unforgettable impressions of the IV and the V International festivals of student's theatres Languages on the stage! in Turin (Italy) where Peremena performed the plays Turandot and War of C. Goldoni.

The V International festival of student's theatres Languages on the stage! has united the actors from Spain, Germany, France, Russia and Italy in multilingual staging of the C. Goldoni's play War. Just try to imagine a theatre troupe of 70 persons speaking five different languages, one director, three teachers, DJs and the saxophonist, who were going to create a performance within 18-hour rehearsals, and you will understand, what a rash and bright life has grasped us, and you will feel joy, inspiration and expectation of the miracle in the air Have you ever seen something of this kind at the other festivals?!

In 2007 the theatre went to a wonderful festival Dandelion in Sisak (Croatia) where everything was imbued with love to children: both master-classes and huge auditoriums and fascinating travel through this fine sunny country.


2008 was a happy year for Peremena. The theatre received an invitation to the 10th World festival Children play for children in Moscow with performance Danish Vanya of B. Shergin.

Quotation from Alexander Kalyagin's letter:

Dear Victor Ivanovich!

I would like to thank you heartily for financial and organizational support of the children's theatre -studio Peremena under direction of a talented teacher and producer E.G. Pylskaya.
Due to your help this theatre has taken part in the X World festival of children's theatres Children play for children in Moscow. Peremena has properly presented not only the Perm Region and the city of Solikamsk, but also has provided insight into the best children's collectives of our country to all world. The performance Danish Vanya of Peremena was marked by Moscow and foreign experts as one of the brightest performances of the festival and warmly accepted by the spectators.

I am confident that participation of theatre from Solikamsk in this prestigious World festival of children's amateur theatres will give a new pulse to the troupe in its creative search.

Sincerely yours,
Alexander Kalyagin.

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