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Paper production

Proper semi-finished products are used for newsprint production: thermo-mechanical pulp, ground wood pulp, bisulphite cellulose and filler. The newsprint is produced on four modern paper making machines. Our Company makes newsprint with basis weight of 40; 42; 45; 48,8 and 54 g/m2.

High quality parameters of newsprint are guaranteed by automation control systems of paper machine. Modern automatic winders «Win Belt - the M» of company «Metso» provide the release of paper rolls, having even caliper and winding density with diameter up to 1250 mm.

The quality control of semi-finished products, chemicals and production of a newsprint is provided with laboratory technical control according to requirements of regulations and international standards. The special software allows to keep records of technical parameters for each tambour and roll.

Ready paper rolls are packed on the automated packing machines of company «LAMB» with bar-code of  paper parameters and a roll characteristics.

Production facilities of Joint Stock Company allow to produce 600 thousand tons of newsprint a year.