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Sewage disposal plant

The sewage disposal plant is the part of JSC Solikamslbumprom. The plant’s capacity is  calculated on all wastewater, removed from the process.

Wastewater is controlled in following groups:

  • BOD  (biochemical oxygen demand);
  • mineral components;
  • nitrogen compounds;
  • sulphurous compounds  and organic substances;
  • fluorine compound

The waste treatment quality meets all standard parameters, the contamination doesn’t exceed  the maximum permissible rate. For fibrous waste recycling  two “ANDRITZ” (Austria) lines for  bioactive sludge dewatering were  installed.

The dewatered sludge is transferred for father combustion to Wellons power generation plant.

The waste combustion plant

JSC Solikamskbumprom took a decision to refuse of warehousing of bark, sawdust and other wood waste products and  has chosen the most economical and ecological way of waste wood recycling.

With this purpose in 2001 the power generation plant “Wellons“ was put into operation. Bark, sawdust and other wood waste are used for generation of process steam. This power generation plant  recycles all wood waste of the mill, receiving up to 88 t/h of process steam at the same time.