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Forest exploration and logging

J.S.C. “Solikamskbumprom” is the largest consumer of wood in the Perm region. The raw material for newsprint production is softwood: spruce and fir. Since 1992 the company develops own timber cuttings to provide with wood the paper production. At the moment into structure of the company enter 5 subsidiary timber industry enterprises.

In 2007 in the subsidiary enterprises the process of change – over  from manual  to mechanized wood logging with using of  import logging machines «John Deere» and «Tigercat» has been completed.
The modern multifunctional logging equipment allows to reduce costs for wood logging, to improve ergonomics of workplaces in the wood, and also to reduce the negative impact of timber cuttings on an environment: the underwood is kept, the damage of a fertile ground layer is reduced.

Forest management in the rented woods  is carried out according to working wood legislation, the wood disposal policy of J.S.C. “Solikamskbumprom”, principles and criteria of the Forest  Custodial Council (FSC).

The logging are realized with complience to schedules of final harvest and reforestation, developed by forest regulation expedition, which have passed the state environmental examination.
J.S.C. “Solikamskbumprom” does not use wood from special protected areas, such as:

  • special nature reserves;
  • forests, which perform water protection, sanitary-and-sanitation functions;
  • forests along rivers, lakes and storage ponds;
  • forests with unique nature landscapes of scientifically and historical important woods.

In total wood deliveries the share of JSC Solikamskbumprom wood logging amounts more than 45 %. The rest wood is bought and at the same time since 2006 the company demands from wood suppliers the declaration on legality and of wood logging areas.