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Technical upgrading

One of the strategic priorities of enterprise development ensuring the high level of quality values is upgrading. The introduced technologies and equipment are prevaluated not only for the efficiency but also for environmental impact at the enterprise. JSC Solikamskbumprom gives preference to the best available technologies (BAT), which allow our company first to agree with the technical development level of world newsprint producers, second, to reduce consumption of natural resources, used for paper production and environmental impact. While making the solution concerning the introduction of many kind of equipment, special attention is paid to the automation level.

Some projects of JSC Solikamskbumprom are unique and covered by patents of Russian Federation.

In 2007 the first stage of “Development program of JSC Solikamskbumprom for 2005-2011” was completed. The investments into this project, including power generation and logging amount 4 billion rubles. As a result the production rate of four paper making machines was increased up to 600 thousand ton a year and the TMP production raised too. The quality parameters of newsprint were improved also.

Father more due to purchasing of timber logging machines («John Deere», Tigercat) the harvesting is becoming higher.
At subsidiary enterprise Solikamskaya TETS Ltd the production of power generation had incresed.

Almost all measures of first stage development program are recourse-saving and provide the reduction of environmental impact.

1. Upgrading of paper making machines 1,2,3,4 ( by companies Metso Paper Voith).
Result of this measures:increase of newsprint production and improvement of its quality parameters.

2. Modernization of thermo-mechanical pulp production ,TMP - line 1 (equipment delivered by ANDRITZ AG).
Result of this measures: raise of thermo-mechanical pulp production, improvement of its quality, increase of heat recovery and reduction of natural gas consumption; decrease of organic waste pollution in fiber furnish.

3. Replacement of old refiners on ground wood production line (equipment of company Andritz).
Result of this measures: increase of production and improvement of ground wood quality.

4. Upgrading of winder for paper making machine 1(equipment of Metso Paper).
Result of this measures: decrease of idle time and paper losses.

5. Installation of rewinder at production unit 2 (equipment of company Restatic).
Result of this measures: decrease of newsprint production losses.

6. Installation the post-refining of thermo-mechanical pulp equipment -TMP-2 (Metso Paper).

7. Mounting of sulfite cellulose line at low consistency on production units 2 and 3. (equipment of company Metso Paper).
Result of p.6-7 measures of: improvement of printing properties, increase of web length in paper roll, reduction of cellulose content in pulp furnish.

8. Construction works of Save-all project at PM 1 (equipment Metso Paper).
Result of this measures: decrease of river water and wood consumption, reduction of waste into the sewage water treatment plant.

9.Installation of vacuum chargers instead of vacuum pumps on paper making machines 1 and 2 (MAN Turbo).
Result of this measures: reduction of river water consumption.

10.Erection of equipment for ground wood bleaching ( FMW)
Result of this measures:decrease of chemicals consumption used for ground wood bleaching.

11. Mounting of sludge dewatering equipment at the sewage disposal plant - screw press 2 (Andritz).
The mode selection of dewatering at the sludge dewatering line and new flocculants testing.
Result of this measures: increase of sludge recycling at the power generation plan, reduction of natural gas consumption and decrease of waste on chemical oxygen demand.

12.Erection of the automation control system and the station of biological waste water treatment (1 and 2 stages of project)
Result of this measures: the stable and better quality of waste water treatment and reduction wastes discharge.