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Power engineering

JSC Solikamskbumprom is the large consumer of thermal and electric energy in the Perm region. In order to arrange the own energetics much work was done  at the enterprise last years.

Power plant, being the property of our company and organically included in industrial - technological complex of the enterprise, delivers 100% of necessary thermal and 50% electric energy.

Alternative heat sources

For the optimization of energy costs in the newsprint production the alternative heat sources are used by JSC “Solikamskbumprom. Recycling of wood waste at "Wellons" boiler and ТМP heat recovery system reduces considerably the costs for heat energy generation.

At different stages of wood processing the following wood waste such as saw dust, beards and saving from sewage disposal plant are produced. It is not efficient to get out the wastes and to store them, what also is the additional impact on environment. Recycling of wood wastes and the process steam recovery are the most effective way of waste use, that’s why the power plant “Wellons” has been put into operation at our mill. With start up of "Andritz" technological line for dewatering and thickening of saving the fibrous sediment and biologically active sludge  from sewage treatment plant  is utilized  in "Wellons" boiler.

Father more by thermo-mechanical pulp production in refining section a large volume of gas-vapor mixture is produced and sent to the heat recovery system. Up to 0,7 t/h of process steam is generating from each  mWt/h of electric power used for chips refining and sent to paper machines.