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The enterprise nature protection activity is carried out in accordance with the adopted in 2004 “Quality and Environmental Policy of JSC Solikamkskbumprom, requirements of environmental regulations and international standard ISO 14001: 2004.

The company is realizing the Program of environmental protection and rational nature management for 2006 – 2010”, which is an integral part of long-term technical upgrade Program. The realization of the scheduled activities within this program will help to reach even higher level of sewage treatment and powder gas emissions; to improve and to increase the ecological monitoring efficiency.

The environmental protection measures, implemented by joint stock company are science-based and directed to energy and resource saving, reduction of effluent pollution and air emissions, the increase of efficiency of wastewater treatment plant and wood wastes recycling, improvement of ecological monitoring.

In the period of 2006-2007 the following measures helped to reduce the enterprise impact on the environment:

  • installation of save-All system at paper machine 1 (contract with Metso company) with the installation of disk filter and treated water tank. This provided the most efficient use of white and reduced fresh water consumption.
  • rebuilt of TMP line 1. As a result of pulp using instead of TMP in the newsprint composition the emission of organic substances into water was reduced;
  • installation of equipment for sludge dewatering at the sewage treatment plant (screw press 2 of Andritz company) helped to 2 times increase primary sludge utilization at wood waste combustion plant Wellons;
  • replacement of vacuum pumps of paper machines 1 and 2 with vacuum blowers helped to reduce fresh water consumption;
  • installation of automation control system for sewage water treatment has been started at two production areas: sludge pump station 2 and ammonia water storage. As a result the process and quality of sewage water treatment have been stabilized.

JSC Solikamskbumprom pays special attention to the work with the personnel in order to increase ecological competence and ecological responsibility. That means first of all the involvement of all employees into the process of environmental protection management by arranging in- and out service purposeful training courses on ecological issues; economic motivation of everybody’s interest in meeting ecological production data and regulations, rational consumption of natural resources.