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Technical lignosulfonates

Technical sulfonates are natural water-soluble sulfite derivatives of lignin, produced at sulfite delignification of wood, which are sodium salts of lignosulfonic acids with additives of reducing and mineral substances. First of all lignosulfonates are interesting by their high superficial activity and allow to use the given additives in various industries.

Technical lignosulfonates are used:

  • in chemical industry - as the stabilizer, dispersing agent for manufacture of briquetted means of plants protection; 
  • in oil industry - as reagent for regulation of drilling agent;
  • in foundry  - as a binding material for formation of casting  molds, an additive for  non-stick paints;
  • in cement industry and manufacture of castables  - as cement softener and  binding material.

Technical requirements

Are developed according to TU 2455-028-00279580-2004. Technical lignosulfonates are produced in liquid and powder form.

Packing and marks

Liquid lignosulfonates  are shipped in railway tanks, model 15-150 with bottom discharge, trucks, pins and other reservoirs with marks of  GOST 14192. Powder lignosulfonates are packed in four - layer (and more) paper bags with a cup, grade PМ, GOST 2226 max. weight 20 kg.

Safety requirements

The influence of lignosulfonates on human is very low and relates to 4 class of danger in accordance with GOST 12.1.007). Lignosulfonates do not possess the resorptive, irritant effect and allergic actions and are accepted as low toxic products.
Technical lignosulfonates  also are flame and explosion -proof. By fire risk the production concerns to “D” category.

Physicotechnical properties  of  technical lignosulfonates


Liquid lignosulfonates

Powder lignosulfonates

Physical configuration , color

Viscous fluid deep-brown

Farinose powder, flaxen to brown

Weight of dry content, %, not less than



Weight of ground substance , %, not less



Weight of ashes relative to dry content %, not more



Consistency of hydrogen ions in lignosulfonates solution, pH, not less



Extension strength of dry samples , mPa , not less



Relative viscosity, c, not less



Weight of reducing agent to dry content weight %, not more



density, kg/m3, not less



Comment: The lignosulfonates can be produced with more higher viscosity on buyer’s request.