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In the thirties of the twentieth century the Government of Soviet Union took a decision on construction of pulp-and-paper mill  in the north of the Perm region  near the village Ust-Borovaya. The civil-engineering design has been proved by availability of richest softwood forests, nearness of railway and a waterway - the Kama river.

The mill birth was started with a railway construction from future construction site up to Solikamsk railway station. Building materials and the equipment for workshops and sites were delivered by railway.

At the end of 1940 the erection and construction works on mechanical workshop, cellulose plant, cable– cranes, log storage place, wood-preparation workshop and  power station have been completed. The settlement and school for mill workers were constructed.

On  March, 1941 long work of builders, erectors and experts was completed. Solikamsk pulp-and-paper mill got first production – sulfite cellulose and brown paper on paper making machine  №1.

The successful development of the enterprise was prevented by Great patriotic war. During the war many experts went to front and the military production was made basically by women and teenagers. Solikamsk pulp and paper mill produced for front tier-cardboard and special paper for gun powder manufacture.

After the war Solikamsk pulp and paper mill  started promptly increase of  production.

In 1949 the enterprise began to make a newsprint, which became  basic production of mill. As a result of technical perfection several semi-finished products providing the further increase of newsprint output have  been put into operation.

In the sixties - seventies the rebirth of Solikamsk pulp-and-paper mill has been started. Four modern paper making machines such as "Мitsibishi " (Japan), "Wärtsila" (Finland) were started consistently up.  Capacities on wood processing, cooking of cellulose and ground wood production   have increased.

Solikamsk pulp and paper mill was awarded with supreme government award – Lenin's Order for its successful industrial activity.

The mill was the initiator of many All-Union competitions, added not one glorious page to history of a domestic pulp and paper industry. The example of Solikamsk paper makers in producing of low weight product has found a response not only in pulp-paper industry, but also in other branches of the national economy of the USSR.

Solikamsk  pulp paper and mill  was newsprint consigned  to the largest publishing houses of Soviet Union. The part of a paper was exported, basically, to the SEV countries.

In 1992  Solikamsk  pulp and paper mill became a  joint-stock company  Solikamskbumprom. As a result of continuous technical perfection during the perestroyka  period  Solikamskbumprom has turned to the  modern enterprise with European level and advanced infrastructure.