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JSC “Solikamskbumprom” is one of very few companies in town that still keep an in-house clinic (outpatient facility). It was founded in 1942, when the Solikamsk pulp and paper mill was established. Today it is a modern healthcare center with a good diagnostic and therapeutic infrastructure.

About 3,000 employees of the enterprise have an opportunity to be provided with high-quality medical care near their workplace. Medical assistance is provided within the framework of mandatory and voluntary health insurance programs, and paid services are also available. The clinic is licensed to perform medical activities; license No. ЛО-59-01-003720, issued on July 01, 2016. Experienced doctors of the highest and first qualification categories receive patients. Primary healthcare is provided in accordance with established procedures prescribed for individual types of medical aid, and also pursuant to standards of medical care.

In 2016, an electroencephalography room was opened; new medical equipment was purchased for the ophthalmologist consulting room, the otolaryngologist consulting room and the physiotherapy room. Preparations are being made to open a day patient facility at the clinic.

Every year, the clinic, together with the administration of JSC “Solikamskbumprom”, make schedule and conduct mandatory regular medical examinations of employees engaged in hard work and in work under harmful and hazardous conditions. They make arrangements for follow-up monitoring of health of the workers suffering from chronic diseases. These focused efforts helped reduce of the number of temporary disability cases, and not a single case of occupational diseases has been detected in the past three years.

Mandatory regular medical examinations of employees and pre-trip/post-trip medical check-ups of drivers are conducted for third-party entities under executed contracts.

The clinic works according to a rotating schedule, i.e. medical care is provided during the all working day. Primary pre-medical care is provided on a 24/7 basis by paramedics at an on-call medical room of the clinic.

Chief Physician:Tamara Y. Galkina
Phone: (34253) 6-49-21
Address: 21 Kommunisticheskaya St., Solikamsk
Web-site: www.sbp-med.ru