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Council of young workers

JSC Solikamskbumprom places special hopes on the younger generation of papermakers. The senior management of the mill focuses on the needs of young specialists, and entirely supports their initiatives in production and also in the social and cultural life of the enterprise. The administration helps young employees in their professional development and contributes to enhancement of their skills, their R&D endeavors, provides a supportive environment for building a successful career.

In 2007, active and creative young employees of the mill established a council of young specialists of JSC Solikamskbumprom. The council organizes and runs sports, intellectual and creative events. Round-tables discussions on questions and problems faced by the youth, conventions and competitions of young workers of the enterprise take place on a regular basis.

Boomerang, a youth organization, was set up in order to consolidate young specialists of JSC Solikamskbumprom and to solve number of important tasks in the field of youth policy pursued by the Company. Today, the organization promotes professional activity of the Companys young employees, helps them adapt to the work at the enterprise, mobilizes young specialists to address issues associated with production, to adopt the Companys corporate culture, to carry out youth policy and youth programs at the mill.

    Achievements of the youth organization Boomerang
  • Regional competition of amateur propaganda teams Trade unions for decent work 3rd place
  • Forum of trade unions of the forest industry Lesovik (Woodsman in Eng) 1st place
  • Towns youth convention of tourists Top Ten 2015 3rd place
  • Town festival of book trailers My Mind, Heart and Soul are Full of Love a winners diploma, The Best Book Trailer
  • Town festival of remakes Film. Film. Film winners diploma in three nominations: The Best Remake, The Best Actress, Audience Choice Award
  • Town Cup in Sports Tourism 2nd place
  • Town convention of the working youth Letters of gratitude from the town administrator, a trailer about activities of the Council of Young Specialists was declared the best
  • The 12th town convention of the working youth Letters of gratitude from the head of the Solikamsk Culture Department; the youth organization Boomerang was declared the winner of the convention
  • Dozor (Security Patrol in Eng)a town-wide interactive game multiple-times winner
    Leaders of the youth organization Boomerang
  • Sergey Snegiryov is a member of the Youth Council of the Perm regional Association of Trade Unions; he participated in Strategic Reserve 2016, a Russian national forum of trade unions in Pyatigorsk, and in Strategic Reserve 2020, a Russian national forum of trade unions in Penza.
  • Ivan Terentyev represented the enterprise at the 2016 Regional competition of professional skills, Young Trade Union Master, in Perm, where he was ranked third.
    Boomerang, organizer of exciting events
  • In 2015 and 2016, Boomerang organized Strategy and Strategy 2.0, a career game for students from educational institutions of Solikamsk, Perm, Yekaterinburg.
  • In May 2016, within the framework of an onboarding program, a ropes course was organized, which was attended by 25 young people.
  • It organized a tourist meeting for workers of the mill.
  • It organized and ran an informing bike ride dedicated to the 75th anniversary of JSC Solikamskbumprom.
  • Boomerang helped to organize and run festivities on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of JSC Solikamskbumprom, the Day of Forest Industry Workers.
  • A traditional convention of young workers, Youth Boom, was held, to summarize the performance in 2016; 23 most active young workers of the enterprise were awarded diplomas (8 people) or letters of gratitude (8 people) for excellent performance at work, or letters of gratitude for active community service (7 people).
  • Within the framework of team-building efforts, a rafting trip along the Usva River was organized, a visit to the Rasik Grotto, a hiking tour to the Kvarkush Plateau.

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