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Foodservice shop

The foodservice shop of JSC Solikamskbumprom was established in 1992. It consists of: two canteens, two buffets, a culinary shop, a bar called By the Fireplace, and a confectionery manufacturing line.

Employees have lunch in canteens, which are located directly on the territory of the paper mill. A wide range of products available in canteens allows workers to choose dishes they prefer most and consume high-qualitative and varied food.

The products manufactured by the JSC Solikamskbumprom foodservice shop are on sale in many stores of the town and are known far beyond Solikamsk. They are served as favorite dainties at family celebrations and corporate parties, at banquets and town-wide public events.

The canteen Bumazhnik (Papermaker in Eng.) and By the Fireplace bar were awarded winners diplomas of the contest The Best Enterprise of the Consumer Market in the Solikamsk Town District, as a token of appreciation of high-quality cooking and professional customer service, and the shops products were awarded the title of Peoples Choice Brand.

Cakes, pastries, rolls, buns, pies and patties, various culinary products are made from natural ingredients according to traditional recipes. They have an excellent flavor and are always freshly prepared.

All products are certified and have a recognizable logo sticker with a little chef named Bumik in a hat with the logo of the enterprise.

The dining room of the Bumazhnik canteen is a popular place for events (it has 120 seats). Cheerful atmosphere is created by the interior of the hall decorated in elegant light colors, and by festive table appointments.

Head of foodservice shop: Elena V. Zheludkova
Phone: (34253) 6-45-48
Address: 21 Kommunisticheskaya, Solikamsk
To conclude contracts for supplying shops products, to rent Bumazhnik canteen for events,
please call (34253) 6-45-48
By the Fireplace bar (to rent the premises): (34253) 2-23-98,
14 Cherniakhovskogo St.
Food store No. 1 (to order products of the foodservice shop): (34253) 2-23-98,
14 Cherniakhovskogo St.