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Corporate newspaper

В тот памятный сорок девятый,
Когда пускалась машина два,
«Бумажник» – газета комбината,
Счёт номеров своих повела.

27th of September 1949 the first issue of the corporate newspaper “Bumazhnik” (“Papermaker”) was produced.
The paper tells about the everyday life and holidays of JSC “Solikamskbumprom” workers, writes history of Solikamsk newsprint, which is securely stored in more than 4 thousand issues.

The past years have changed the designing, newspaper circulation, but it has always kept up with the times. Looking through old files, you immediately plunge into the whirlpool of events that occurred not only at the plant, but also in the city. The life of many papermaker generations is on the newspaper pages.

The newspaper has come a long way from the mill newsletter to corporate newspaper of the company. The latest and most important information for employees placed on the pages of corporate newspaper. “Bumazhnik” tells not only about primary production, its structural divisions, but also about offices in Perm and Moscow, subsidiaries, socio-cultural sphere. All corporate activities of JSC “Solikamskbumprom”, projects and campaigns of a social orientation, the activities of the Trade Union Committee of the enterprise, disputative activities, visits of government and business representatives to company are covered in the newspaper. There are creative works and sports achievements of JSC “Solikamskbumprom” workers on the pages of “Bumazhnik”. The newspaper writes either about veterans or youth, or children.

Newspaper editor Nalyotova Elena
Tel.: (34253) 6-48-44
Address: Kommunisticheskaya str., 21, 618548 Solikamsk, Perm Territory, Russia.