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Social policy

Foreground development line of JSC Solikamskbumprom is the social responsibility of business. Increasing the production volume, improving its quality, reducing the environmental impact, the company successfully solves questions of social safeguard of the workers.

Special attention is paid to the social component of business at the areas of the mills management. Having network of subsidiary timber cutting enterprises, JSC Solikamskbumprom promotes the development of social sphere in these regions. Creation of new jobs in the forest settlements with logging as the basic activity directly contributes to well-being of the residents and stable development of the regions.

The management of JSC Solikamskbumprom is continuously improving the social conditions for the employees and it considerably raises corporate culture and ensures an increase in working efficiency. Considering hard working environment while logging in the forest, the mill has provided the teams of lumberers of the subsidiary timber cutting enterprises with the mobile accommodation complexes according to the modern standards. The reconstruction of locker rooms, shower rooms and rest rooms in the production departments is carried out according to workers wishes.

To ensure timely and adequate nutrition of workers, a network of canteens operates in the enterprise. Distinctive features of public catering enterprises on the territory of the plant are quality and reasonable price of services.

The management of JSC Solikamskbumprom pays special attention to the health of the personnel. They take different measures focused on preventive health care and case detection to reduce the sickness rate of employees and increase their working efficiency. Further, the mill provides facilities in sanatoria and health resorts for employees and members of their families on preferential terms.

Healthy life-style, physical culture and sports are popularized at the mill. Palace of culture with sports floor, shop of sports constructions belong to JSC Solikamskbumprom. Children and teenagers are engaged in football, hockey, cross-country skiing, and bodybuilding. Workers take part in public sport actions.

In 2005, the museum of labour glory of JSC Solikamskbumprom has been opened again. The renovated exhibitions tell about 65-years history of the company, progress and success of Solikamsk papermakers and testify that JSC Solikamskbumprom confidently goes on the way of sustainable development.

The social sphere of JSC Solikamskbumprom also includes such objects as kindergartens, Palace of Culture Bumazhnik, enterprise history museum, library, hotel and a cafe and culinary shop.

The social responsibility of JSC Solikamskbumprom involves youth policy too. All possible conditions are created for the young specialists to let them show their creative and labour potential.