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Production of semi-finished products

All semi-finished products are produced in different workshops and fully integrated into the mainline of the mill.
The pulp is cooked in bimetallic digesters for batch cooking. After going through the cleaning system the pulp is sent to paper machines. The cooking liquors are processed into the final product –technical lignosulfonates (liquid and powder). The automatic control system provides the total control of cellulose production and of polluting emissions into atmosphere.

The groundwood pulp is made on Russian DZ -04 chain grinders. In 2001 the cleaners of companies VALMET (Finland), CELLECO (Finland), NOSS (Sweden), AHLSTR0M (Finland) with process automation system were installed. Now the equipment provides high quality of groundwood pulp.

The thermomechanical pulp is produced at two TMP-lines, mounted under the project of company FMW (Austria) with the use of ANDRITZ AG (Austria) technology and equipment. The first line was put into operation in 1999; the second line with implementation of RTS- method was started up in 2003.

In 2012-2014 the company completed a large-scale modernization of the equipment of semi-finished production: in the cellulose production plant it was installed GL&V Sweden AB (Sweden) equipment of a new technological line for cellulose washing and screening; and in the groundwood production plant there was modernization of equipment of technological lines for the production of thermomechanical pulp (TMP1 and TMP2), with the use of ANDRITZ AG (Austria) technology and equipment.