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Sewage treatment facilities

Industrial wastewater generated by production processes undergoes highly effective mechanical and biological treatment at the sewage treatment facilities of the enterprise.

The current capacity of the facilities is 260,000 cubic meters per day.

After an upgrade of the sewage treatment facilities carried out between 2003 and 2010, which included replacement of the aeration system in the sewage biological treatment facility, overhaul of secondary sedimentation tanks, and commissioning of two screw presses for dewatering of fibrous sludge and biologically active silt, effectiveness of wastewater treatment increased to 99.3% in terms of suspended substances, and to 96.8% in terms of organic matter.

The currently used technology of wastewater treatment meets process parameters in accordance with the principles of best available technologies.

The entire volume of wastewater is classified as effluents treated to standard quality and meets the established requirements for top-quality fishery waters.

    Industrial wastewater is monitored by the following groups:

  • organic substances;
  • mineral components;
  • nitrogen and sulphurous compounds.

Moreover, wastewater is analyzed and evaluated by types of microorganisms and by the indicator of a toxic impact on test objects. The results of the studies and expert opinions of accredited laboratories have proven absence of negative impact of the wastewater on the water body.