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Main investments projects of JSC “Solikamskbumprom” Development Program for 2008-2015

• Upgrading of equipment of a technological line for cellulose washing and screening in the cellulose production plant.

    Main points:

  • Installing of a new technological line for cellulose washing and screening, including:
    • knotter and rejects separator for pulp coarse screening,
    • СВ-filters for pulp washing,
    • screens and cleaner for pulp fine screening,
    • three-stage Twister cleaner for removal of small dirt from pulp.

    The Supplier of main equipment is GL&V Sweden AB /Sweden/.

    Main results:

    • Increasing labour efficiency and improving labour conditions of workers of washing and cleaning section in the pulp production plant thanks to automation of pulp washing and screening process.
    • Decreasing specific consumption of: electric power, fresh water and chemicals.
    • Reducing the impact on the environment by decreasing disposal of pulp production plant waste water by COD to sewage disposal plant of the enterprises.
    • Improving qualitative characteristics of cellulose.
    • New process scheme of sulfite pulp washing and screening.

Upgrading of equipment of technological lines for the production of thermomechanical pulp

    Main points:

    • Installing of new equipment for chip pretreatment on the basis of energy-saving technology of advanced thermo mechanical pulping (ATMP). ATMP technology combines chip pretreatment according to RTFibration™ technique, high-intensity primary refining and targeted chemical treatment of fibers during primary refining.
    • Following equipment was installed within the framework of the project:
      • Chip Pretreatment Unit, including RT-conveyor and MSD 600 Imressafiner,
      • Additional Low Consistency Refiners on both lines.

    The supplier of the main equipment is Andritz AG /Austria/.

    Main results:

    • Increasing TMP-lines production capacity up to 320 000 t/year;
    • Reducing specific electric energy consumption for production of thermomechanical pulp by 10-15%;
    • Improving of TMP quality characteristics such as breaking length, tear, brightness;
    • Using cheaper wood of pine, birch and aspen in the process of TMP production;
    • In the future there is opportunity of cardboard production (including fluting) using hardwood.
    • Scheme of Chip Pretreatment Unit according to RTFibration™ technique