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Development of in-house logging

In order to provide the company with wood raw material in the amount of at least 1.5 million cubic meters per year, the Enterprise Wood Sourcing Development Program has been designed and is implemented in the Perm Territory. The program provides for increasing the ratio of in-house logging up to one million cubic meters per year, i.e. at least 70% of the total deliveries to the enterprise.

    Measures to increase the supply volumes of timber harvested in forest areas rented by JSC “Solikamskbumprom” and its subsidiary logging companies:

  • to increase the production capacity of the logging companies up to 1.5 million cubic meters per year, 7 new modern multifunctional forestry machines were purchased, and the total number of machines currently in operation: 19;
  • road machinery and auxiliary equipment was bought to repair and maintain roads;

  • the number of specialized timber hauling vehicles was increased to 150 pieces in the transport workshop of JSC “Solikamskbumprom” and of “Vishera”, a separate business subdivision;
  • operating of the log storage-and-bundling area Zhisper, which had not been in use since 2005, was resumed.