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Environment protection

The Company carries out environmental activities in several areas, including conservation of energy and resources, reduction of effluent pollution and air emissions, increase of efficiency of the wastewater treatment plant, recycling of wood wastes, improvement of ecological monitoring.

Guided by the “Quality and Environmental Protection Policy,” by requirements of environmental legislation and the international standard ISO 14001, JSC “Solikamskbumprom” sets goals, objectives and programs for the implementation of environmental measures, taking into account significant environmental aspects defined within the framework of the enterprise operations.

The Company maintains constant environmental monitoring of wastewater discharges, industrial air emissions, production waste. The monitoring results indicate that the negative impact of JSC “Solikamskbumprom” on the environment declines, thanks to implemented environmental protection measures.

Permanent monitoring of technological modes of air emissions from stationary sources ensures compliance with established standards (maximum permissible emissions, or MPE). The air-monitoring group controls the impact of the enterprise at flare plume monitoring sites, in-house production waste storage facilities and at the border of the sanitary protection zone.

Since 2001, the Company has been carrying out important work to improve the situation in the water utilization system. In 2016, the year-on-year specific wastewater disposal of the enterprise decreased by 8.2%, and in comparison with 2001 the figure decreased by 2.3 times.

Production waste management

Management of generated wood waste is currently a very relevant issue. Before commissioning of a Wellons waste incinerator unit (WIU), all wood waste and dewatered sewage sludge were transported to a wood waste dump. Following the commissioning of a screw filter press at the wastewater treatment plant and a bark press at the wood yard, almost all wood waste is disposed of at the WIU.

Compliance with fuel management regulations and timely measures taken in periods of maintenance and overhaul help to neutralize production waste more effectively. For instance, in 2016, the unit reduced bark, wood waste and sludge deployment in the environment by 33.5% compared to the previous year, and 8.2 times in relation to 2001 (the year when the unit was put into operation).

JSC “Solikamskbumprom” improves its activities in the field of environmental protection and environmental management on an on-going basis.

The Company communicates openly on environmental issues, actively cooperates with local authorities, specialized environmental organizations, environmental centers and other stakeholders.

Being aware of the importance of environmental matters and reduction of the environmental load, JSC “Solikamskbumprom” pursues its strategy “In Harmony with Nature” and ensures improvement of the ecological situation in the area of its foothold.