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Commercial department

Head of department for material and technical support

Nadymov Yuriy Aleksandrovich

Phone: (34253) 6-49-76

Import group

Leading specialist of spare parts, components, consumables, chemicals import

Kapelyush Aleksey Nilolayevich

Phone: (34253) 6-44-35

Engineer of spare parts and components for paper making equipment; machine clothing

Frants Svetlana Aleksandrovna

Phone: (34253) 6-46-39

Engineer of spare parts for timber cutting machines

Timofeyeva Yuliya Nikolayevna

Phone: (34253) 4-82-62

Group of equipment, machines and spare parts

Leading specialist

Yachmenyova Irina Konstantinovna

Phone: (34253) 6-44-06

Engineer of electric equipment and bearings

Fadeyev Vladimir Gennadyevich

Phone: (34253) 6-47-78

Engineer of motor vehicles and spare parts

Galinov Aleksey Pavlovich

Phone: (34253) 6-47-22

Group of materials, chemicals, metal and petroleum products

Leading specialist

Milovanova Natalya Viktorovna

Phone: (34253) 6-47-31

Material, Chemical and Oil Products Group Engineer

Shmidt Irina Evgenyevna

Phone: (34253) 6-46-76

Engineer of metals and metal ware

Dyachenko Svetlana Viktorovna

Phone: (34253) 6-45-38

Engineer of building materials and work clothing

Sozonova Elena Aleksandrovna

Phone: (34253) 6-45-64

Engineer of fuel and lubricants and spare parts for vehicles

Nagornov Maksim Nikolayevich

Phone: (34253) 6-46-66

Engineer of of rubber goods and gases

Maltseva Mariya Pavlovna

Phone: (34253) 6-46-31