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Sales geography

Newsprint, produced by JSC "Solikamskbumprom", is in a stable steady demand both in Russia and in near and far abroad countries.

Since 1949 JSC "Solikamskbumprom" has specialized in the newsprint production. 65 years of experience in the production of this product has provided confidence in the quality of Solikamsk paper from the largest Russian and international publishers. JSC "Solikamskbumprom" produces about 1% of the total world newsprint production.

About 70% of the total amount of produced newsprint is shipped for export. In 2014, the company’s newsprint was sold in 60 countries. JSC "Solikamskbumprom" successfully competes with other leading newsprint producers in the markets of Europe, Asia and Africa. Main deliveries are made in Germany, Finland, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Egypt, Kenya, Uganda and many other countries.

Such Russian newspapers, as “Rossiyskaya gazeta”, “Argumenty I facty”, “Komsomolskaya Pravda” “Zvezda” and others are printed on Solikamsk paper.